Let's Improve the Lives of All Arkansans


Hi! I grew up in El Dorado, Arkansas, the daughter of a trial attorney and a Methodist pastor. As a child I watched my dad advocate in the courtroom for people from all walks of life. He believed strongly that everyone was entitled to be heard, and everyone was deserving of representation. He taught me to stand up for others, to work hard, and to act with integrity and honesty. From my mother I learned compassion and empathy. She taught me to always consider how my actions might influence those around me. She taught me to lift people up. The influence of my parents on my life cannot be overstated. They molded me into the person I am today, and it is because of them that I have chosen a life dedicated to the law and public service.


I attended El Dorado public schools until I was sixteen. I then left El Dorado to attend the Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences and the Arts in Hot Springs, Arkansas. From there I attended the University of Arkansas where I studied international relations and European studies. Always knowing that I wanted to be an attorney, I then attended the University of Texas School of Law. While there, I focused on human rights law and criminal defense.


A federal clerkship in Little Rock brought me back to Arkansas following law school, and I’m so glad it did. Through my federal clerkship, as well as a clerkship with a state court judge, I began to learn the craft of practicing law. Following my clerkships, I started my practice as a civil litigator and criminal defense attorney.

As a civil litigator and criminal defense attorney, I advocate for people daily. I believe that a state and country are only as strong as how fiercely they protect the rights of their citizens. I have devoted my career to defending every person’s constitutional rights with integrity and honesty. Ensuring those rights means ensuring that the United States remains the great democracy that it is.

My husband, Kiril, is a professor of political science at Hendrix College. In our spare time we enjoy traveling, cooking, spending time with family, and attempting to grow tomatoes in our backyard. We love Little Rock and the Great State of Arkansas!

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or would like to discuss issues that are important to you. I look forward to meeting each of you and earning your vote!


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